A 12 Step Program to Being a Skeptic

12 Step Program for Skepticism     Steve Novella & George Hrab

From The Skeptics Guide to the Universe #374

1   We admitted that our cognition, perception and memory are flawed and pseudoscience and gullibility are rampant.

2   We came to accept that the process of thinking critically is more important than any belief.

3   We acknowledge the utility of methodological naturalism as a way of empirically understanding the world.

4   Made a thorough study of the various mechanisms of self-deception, cognitive biases and logical fallacies.

5   Acknowledge to ourselves, others and on the internet, that we are skeptics.

6   We vow to listen to the SGU+ every week without fail.

7   Listen to Geologic# too.

8   Endeavour to examine our premises and logic, and correct any misinformation or misconceptions we may have spread.

9   Correct errors and false statements on blog posts and within forums, unless doing so would make you a dickish troll.

10 Continue to keep all opinions and conclusions tentative and revise them in the face of new ideas or information.

11 Seek through study and research to improve our critical thinking skills and keep up to date with basic scientific literacy.

12 Having become more skeptical ourselves, we engage in skeptical activism and outreach to help make the world a more skeptical place.

+ http://www.theskepticsguide.org/

# http://geologicpodcast.com/


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