Response to climate change denial letter (News & Star, Fri 21st Sept 20120)

This is in response to the letter from M Benson in Friday’s News and Star (21st September):

I feel that the writer has made a few classical errors in the comments about ‘global warming’.

Firstly, the preferred term is global climate change, as in different parts of the world, local average temperatures could go up or down.

Secondly, we still need to distinguish between weather and climate. Climate encompasses a wide range of properties (temperature, pressure, wind, etc.) in a given region over long periods. Weather, is the present condition of these elements and their variations over shorter periods.

As for the ‘relevant graph was a mass distortion’ comment –  which graph is this and on what basis is the ‘unauthorised tinkering of a trainee operator’ statement made. Where is the evidence?

The quite ludicrous comment ‘There is no danger to the planet from CO2 levels in the atmosphere’ does need  some addressing. True, the planet would survive a variety of different levels of this greenhouse gas – Venus, for example, has an atmosphere consisting of about 95% CO2, which makes it a balmy 400 °C on average. Not that healthy for us humans though!

Finally, there does seem to be a connection between CO2 level and temperature (check – both have changed over the years, it depends over what sort of timescale you consider.

It is very easy to be confused by conflicting reports on this issue, however by doing some simple research, you can soon see that by far the majority of climate scientists do have evidence to show that there is a strong link between CO2 levels and the changes in the global climate. Weather systems are very complex, and beyond the scope of that sort of data analysis.

For further more, come along to the next meeting of the West Cumbrian Skeptics at Frizington Veterans’ Club, 19 Mil Lindow Street, CA26 3PU on Wednesday 3rd October at 8pm. The topic will be ‘Global Climate Change: Examining the Evidence and Discussing the Implications’.

Ben Sagan, for West Cumbrian Skeptics


About bensagan

Co-founder of the West Cumbrian Skeptics

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