It could be about to kick off again for Simon Singh!

After the BCA (British Chiropractors Association) lost their libel case against Simon Singh over his Guardian article (see, it looks like another group are daring to consider similar action.

The web site and magazine ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’ has been accused by many skeptics, critical thinkers and medical professionals, of promoting ‘quack’ treatments,distorting facts and generally scaremongering. For a brief comment, this from Chanel Four’s Embarrassing Bodies host Dr Christian Jessen ‏on Twitter yesterday “Did u know there’s a magazine out called What the Doctors Don’t Tell You? There’s good reason y we don’t tell u -it’s all a loads of ******!”

The internet has been full of comments about this publication for the last few days, and it was even covered on the BBC Radio 4 programme Medical Matters, where one of the co-founders was interviewed ( There has been a campaign started to try to persuade Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and WH Smith to stop stocking the magazine, with a counter action from the founders on Facebook to email those same companies to continue to stock it. They helpfully posted the relevant contact emails, but unfortunately their opponents not only commented on this page, but also used the information to email the companies themselves to complain! I urge you to do the same (,, My email to them was: As a science teacher, rational thinker, skeptic and customer of yours for many years, I would like to voice my concerns that you are selling this dangerously misleading magazine in your shops. Whereas I acknowledge the rights of free speech, I feel that you are implying tacit support of their health advice by allowing it to appear on your shelves. May I direct you to this week’s broadcast of Medical Matters on Radio Four (still available on iPlayer) if you have any doubts. Ben Sagan, West Cumbrian Skeptics

Please consider sending emails yourselves and passing it on to others to do the same. Below are some relvant links that say it all better than I can. (one of the co-founders)


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One response to “It could be about to kick off again for Simon Singh!”

  1. Nathan says :

    Radio Fur? Gosh. Is that a new station? 😉

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