Grrr! Telegraph readers and Page 3

Response to the responses to:

It seems to me that the issue here is about the unnecessary sexualisation of images. There is nothing wrong (in principle) with naked bodies – we all have them – it’s about where and when they are displayed and for what purpose. Why not display naked genitalia on page 5, it really amounts to the same thing.

Clearly, there are still a lot of people (men) who, perhaps driven by the biological imperative, see women as sex objects primarily, even if they do not express the thought outwardly.
They (and I also mean me) can easily access images of all sorts of bodies in all sorts of poses and actions. I do not need to spell it out!
The ‘movement’ is not to “ban” page 3 of the Sun,strictly speaking, its to try to put pressure on the editor to remove it from what is supposed to be a newspaper. Naked breasts are the exact opposite of news!

Removing this sort of image (and many of the articles in tabloids that leer at women and girls)will not stop the awful crimes of sexual abuse and rape – only an idiot would think that. However, this may start to reverse a trend of some people of thinking less of 50% of the population, and allowing young girls the luxury of growing up without worrying about their body image.
– Ben Sagan, male, 56 and disappointed by some of his sex


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