All I want for Christmas/Winterval is …

I expect many of you are starting to crumble under the relentless onslaught of shop displays and TV adverts. Yes, you need to get organised for December 25th – AND SOON! Well, much as I dislike this early push for Christmas (how long before promotions appear just as the ‘Back To School’ offers are removed?), here are some of my suggestions for the Critical Thinker in your family.


The Demon-haunted World – Carl Sagan                 

An essential primer for all critical and skeptical thinkers. Can be hard to track down, but not impossible.

The Skeptics Dictionary – Robert Todd Carroll      

Unsure about UFOs, confused by crystal therapy, hazy about homeopathy, or just perplexed by the paranormal? Then this is the book for you. Definitions and explanations abound herein.

Bad Science – Ben Goldacre                                         

One of the most popular starting points for anyone with an interest in health claims and treatments. Dr Goldacre’s Guardian column readers will be familiar with the content and style. He is the man whose dead cat became a certified nutritionist.

Bad Pharma – Ben Goldacre                                         

Definitely a book that will make your blood boil at times, so read with care! Here he looks at how the pharmaceutical industry, doctors, journalists and others have dishonestly promoted some drugs over others.

Bad Astronomy – Phil Plait

The Bad Astronomy himself tackes everthing from astrology to the Moon landings hoax.

Paranormality: Why we see what isn’t there – Richard Wiseman

The subtitle sums it up. A fascinating book from a professor for the Public Understanding of Psychology and an ex-magician.

The Geek Manifesto – Mark Henderson

How to entrench scientific thinking into all aspects of society for a better world.


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Co-founder of the West Cumbrian Skeptics

One response to “All I want for Christmas/Winterval is …”

  1. Rob says :

    An excellent list! Can I also suggest The God Delusion and Why Evolution is True if you have more room in your stocking.

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