Homeopathy Clarification Notice

Just sent this email to as many pharmacy suppliers as I could find contacts of (had to remove web links as some webmail forms classify as spam). These include Alliance Boots, Lloyds, Co-op, Numark, Superdrug, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Holland and Barrett.


We would like to suggest that a version of the following information could be displayed in all of your stores (in a prominent position), as well as on your website. It was originally seen in a Madrid pharmacy, and we feel it would help to clarify matters as to the lack of scientific validity of homeopathy.

 Thank you for your time and we would welcome your feedback.


 Regarding Homeopathy and Other Unscientific Treatments

 Our promise of quality in the service we provide prevents us from recommending the use of pseudomedicines such as homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, oligotherapy and all those whose efficacy in treatment, prevention and diagnosis of illness has not been demonstrated scientifically.

 With regard to these treatments and as the medical professionals we are, we would like to you inform you that:

             Homeopathy is not a treatments with scientific studies that validate its use in the treatment and prevention of illnesses is adults, children or animals.

             The contents of homeopathic preparations is almost entirely sugar or water, without any active ingredient.

             If it seems like a serious illness or whatever your treating it with isn’t improving the condition, consult with a doctor who uses scientific medicine.

             Almost no homeopathic preparations are on the official health register that allows their commercialisation, as the rest of medicines do. Dispensing the majority of them presents many legal problems.

 For these and many other reasons, the ______________* Pharmacy does not recommend the use of these treatments, which aren’t really treatments at all.

 We are at your disposal to give you more detailed information and to deal with any doubts you have with regards to these treatments.

 * Please insert your company name here


For more information:




 Original from: Rialto Pharmacy – Gran Via 56 – Madrid – http://www.farmaciarialto.com

(as posted by David Landon Cole, added to by Ben Sagan)

 Ben Sagan, West Cumbrian Skeptics


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