Be Careful Out There!

Since we started the West Cumbrian Skeptics in July 2012, I have been taking a much more pro-active approach to Critical Thinking and Skepticism. This has been fuelled by my ire at reading magazines, news reports and web posts (including book reviews on Amazon) that promote or uncritically publicise unproven or downright dangerous health advice.

I’ve emailed various purveyors of homeopathic ‘medicines’, contacted the publishers of What Doctors Don’t Tell You (a magazine chock-full of ill-informed health information), and commented the dubious and dangerous advice given by books like Melanies Marvellous Measles and 500 of the Most Important Health Tips You’ll Ever Need (on and Reading the replies from some of these efforts can (and does) make me cross!

Now I do know that it is almost a truism to say “Don’t read the bottom half of the internet”, but it is difficult to resist when so many people are clearly wrong!

Not to worry – help is at hand – there are plenty of rational sources to help out there in the wonderful world of the world wide web. Here are some of my favourite web sites, blogs and podcasts that use critical thought and trust in the scientific method. Enjoy.

someone is wrong

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe

What’s the Harm

Little Atoms

Skeptic Magazine (incl. Monster Talk)

The Pod Delusion *

The Merseyside Skeptics Society *

Token Skeptic

The Skeptic Zone

Skeptic Blogs

Bad Science (Ben Goldacre)

Richard Wiseman

The podcasts of these are generally suitable for a mixed and open-minded audience, though the ones marked * do use language more suited to adults from time to time.


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