Response from WDDTY (Weird Delusional Dishonest Tosh Y’know?)

After my previous post, I decided to send the advertising department a link to The Nightingale Collaboration’s latest review, which includes the number of ASA complaints. Here is my email and their response:

From: Ben Sagan []
Sent: 28 February 2013 17:44
To: Jenny Scott
Subject: Advertising

I wondered what your response might be to the article here:

If you need help generating copy tag lines, I offer you this: where you can also find a link to download a simple spreadsheet.


from Jenny Scott <>
to: Ben Sagan <>
date: Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 8:52 AM
subject: RE: Advertising

Hi Ben, you are my friend. The publicity has sent our sales through the roof! Bless you : )

Now, apart from the slight taste of bile in my throat, I had a couple of other reactions:

1) I am definitely not her friend – we have never been in contact before

2) I seriously doubt that their publicity (I assume that of The Nightingale Collaboration) had any impact on sales this quickly AND I would love to see their sales figures for the current and previous issues. My idea of “going through the roof” may differ from theirs – anyone know how I can check this ‘fact’?

So now, what to do? Well I saved one (possibly two) poor soul(s) in our town by throwing myself on the grenade buying a copy, and hiding the other one. I will now attempt to read it and produce some comments for a subsequent blog and a lengthy email to them.

P.S. I did also tweet a comment to Lynne Mcaggart who produces the dangerous rag magazine with her husband, but as yet no reply.


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